Our Construction


An Organization with a perfect synthesis of tradition and modernity developed over 30+ years, Hard Rock Infrastructure & Panache Interics has acquired a reputation for quality and an ability to provide its customers with value for money.

Hard rock Infrsutcure and Panache Interics have collaborated to fulfill new avenues in the construction industry.

Background about Hard rock Infrsutcure | Mr. Khurshid Ahmed Barudgar the founder and Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Barudgar the visionary responsible for setting up Hard Rock, has enabled the company to grow by leaps and bounds. Building upon a very strong foundation. Company has worked with the biggest names in the industry. It started off as the official civil contractor of Gold Coin Builders and has today done some of the most prestigious work across the country. The experiences achieved over these began as an initiative in value added processing of Aluminum Frames grown into a full-fledged Company in a matter of just a few years.

Our organizational structure makes use of the professional contribution of many different experts all rich in individual and business experiences. This is backed by continuous updating, training and education in order to improve the professional competence and for better company activity.

Special attention is paid to client's needs, in-depth study of details all contribute to making Hard Rock Infrastructure a name to reckon in the business.

Hard Rock has achieved its tremendous growth in such a narrow time- frame on account of its market credibility and its immense knowledge in the Aluminum Panel Fabrication Industry. A vanguard amongst fierce competition, Hard Rock Infrastructure always works towards improving its own standards of service and surpassing the standards set by its competition.

At Hard Rock Infrastructure, we develop ideas that are realized into beautiful end-products. It is not just about conceptualizing an idea and implementing cutting-edge design. It is all about realizing what our customers want, improvising processes and converting concepts into well packed tangibleproducts.

Highlighting one of the renowned Government based projects in collaboration with SPC Infrastructure | Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, SPC Infrastructure is involved in some of the most prestigious infrastructure development projects in India. Established in the 90's and headed by Mr. S.K. Chaudhary & Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Barudgar.

Our Management

With over 3 decades of construction experience by both Mr. Manohar Achalawat & Mr. Nadeem Barudgar has a perfect blend new ages practices & legacy created in the construction world.

We hire, train & use the best people in the industry to cater world class Building, homes/commercial, Factories, Government related projects. This is blended with new age tools & machines & Manpower.

Our expertise not only lies with the exterior part of the project but also bring heavy expiernece leading interiors for Residential & Commercial spaces.

Our Strengths

  • - Modern Technology & equipments.
  • - Efficient Team
  • - Backed by experience of 30+ years in Construction Activity.
  • - Height Commitments to suit every principle.

Our Motto

  • Client's satisfaction.
  • To use Modern Technology & equipments.
  • To provide supreme quality products employing the latest technology.
  • High Commitment to suit every principle.
  • To take creativity and imagination to the next level and adding an aesthetic appeal to all our products.
  • To maintain our status as the world-class leader in the Aluminum Panel Fabrication Industry.
  • To provide sophisticated and customized solutions to our customers which are a direct reflection of theirrequirements?
  • To provide fair budgeted solutions within prescribed time-frame.
  • To create efficient team.
  • Fulfillment of Commitments.

Best in Class Quality

Panache Interics & Hard Rock Infrastructure does not compromise on quality. We expect good quality when being served and know that our customers expect the same from us. We always put ourselves in our customer's shoes and analyze situation accordingly. An inferior quality product is as good as non product to us. Our staff is working 24x7, under the guidance of sound professionals, to improve onquality.

Our staff training sessions are directed towards motivating our people into delivering better products and minimizing the lead time for delivery. Our scheduled and unscheduled quality checks are strategically planned at every stage of product development till dispatch. This not only helps us minimize complaints but also measure our own quality of deliverables. We just don't want to deliver good quality; we want to deliver the BEST.

Project Design

At Panache Interics & Hard Rock Infrastructure, we are forever re-creating and re-inventing ourselves to deliver innovative designs for edifices, with regards to its façade system and Aluminum claddingwork.

Our process is extremely meticulous and well planned. When the requirement first comes to us, we analyze the structural specifications as the first step. A conceptual design is then developed consideringthe architectural built of the building. Only after approval from the client, an implementation plan is designed which is a complete mapping of the conceptual design. The implementation plan represents the structural design with accurate measurements and drawings. Based on this, the cladding systems, profiles and other materials areselected.

We leave no gaps to be bridged later. Every step is well plan and executed in the designated time frame with precise expertise and profound professionalism.

Our Prestige Clientile

  • M/s. Gold Coin Builders.
  • M/s. Interlink Builders.
  • M/s. Stream line Builders.
  • M/s. Ech Dee Silk Mills.
  • M/s. Blue Diamond Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s. Venus Developers Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s. Ruchi Land Developers Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s. Gala Foundation.
  • M/s. Golden Guild Properties Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s. Bhagwati Builders Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s. Noorsons Enterprises.
  • M/s. Rizvi Builders Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s. Dolphin Builders & Developers.
  • Uttari Bharat Sabha.
  • M/s. Kumar Engineering Works.
  • M/s. Om Ganangiri Builders.
  • M/s. Trisons Builders.
  • M/s. Ambika Construction Co.
  • M/s. K.K. Krishna Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Smt. Kamala & Sri. Venkappa M. Agadi Charitable Trust [Bangalore]
  • M/s. Eyecon Construction.
  • M/s. Rashmi Housing Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s. Accord Realtors.
  • M/s. Eternia Realty.
  • M/s. Kamala Height.

Our Structural Consultants & Architects

  • M/s. Sura & Associates.
  • M/s. Paranjpaye Deshpande & Co.
  • M/s. Sharad Shiledar.
  • M/s. R. B. Mehta & Associates.
  • M/s Jayant Vaidya.
  • M/s. Tee Architects.
  • M/s. Design Consultants.
  • M/s. R. G. Chawla.
  • S. W. Paradkar & Associates.
  • M/s. Sudhir Redkar.
  • M/s. V. B. Samant & Associates.
  • M/s. Ellora Project Consultants.
  • M/s. M. R. Patil.
  • M/s. In Form Architects & Engineers.
  • M/s. D. S. Joshi.
  • M/s. Shetye Architects & Engineers.
  • M/s. Integrated Structural Associates [Bangalore].
  • M/s. Get Water Solutions [Bangalore].
  • M/s. Sanjay Shetye Architects.
  • M/s. Home work.
  • M/s. Essar Group.
  • M/s. Farook Sanang & Associates.
  • M/s. Hanware Architects.
  • M/s. KNS Architects.

Our Project

1.Diamond Square Commercial Building at Kalina, Santacruz [East], Mumbai One Lac Sq.Ft.
2.Golden Square Residential Complex at Kalina, Santacruz [East], Mumbai Four Lac Sq.Ft.
3.Bhavsar Complex Commercial Building at Vakola, Santacruz[East], Mumbai One Lac Sq.Ft.
4.Baluwalla Estate Commercial Building at Andheri [East], Airport Road, Mumbai Fifty Thousand Sq.Ft.
5.D'souza House Residential Buildingat St.Leo Road,Bandra[West],Mumbai Twenty Five Thousand Sq.Ft.
6.Rizvi Complex Residential Building at Kurla Mumbai Forty Thousand Sq.Ft.
7.Centaur House Commercial Building at Vakola, Santacruz[East], Mumbai Eigthy Thousand Sq.Ft.
8.Uttari Bharat School Fully Equipped Educational Institution at Bhandup [West], Mumbai.
9.Silver Tower Residential Building at Thakur Complex Kandivali [East], Mumbai Two Lac Sq.Ft.
10.Kotak Mahindra Bank Commercial Building at C.S.T. Road Kalina, Santacruz [East], Mumbai Thirty Thousand Sq.Ft.
11.Kumar Engineering Commercial Building at Kalina, Santacruz [East], Mumbai One Lac Sq.Ft.
12.Smt. Kamla& Sri. Venkappa M. Agadi Charitable Trust Fully Equipped Educational Institution with Staff Quarters, Girls Hostel, STP/ETP Water, Workshops at Laxmeshwar, KarnatakaState.
13.Venus Apartment Residential Building at Bandra [West] Mumbai Thirty Five Thousand Sq.Ft.
14.Surya Nursing Home Structural Glazing & Aluminum Composite Panel Work at Santacruz[West]
15.Ramanand Arya College Extension Work at Bhandup [East], Mumbai.
16.D'Almelda House Residential Building at Vakola, Santacruz[East], Mumbai Twenty Thousand Sq.Ft.
17.Samata House Commercial Building at Kalina C.S.T. Road, Santacruz [East], Mumbai Two Lac Sq.Ft.
18.Monz Tower Residential Building at Vakola, Santacruz [East], Mumbai Fifty Five Thousand Sq.Ft.
19.Aniket Tower Residential Building At Vakola, Santacruz [East], Mumbai Twenty Five Thousand Sq.Ft.
20.Golden Guild Residential Building at Kalina C.S.T. Road, Santacruz [East], Mumbai One LacSq.Ft.
21.Royal View Hotel Commercial Building Opp Jal Mahal LakeP alace, Jaipur Rajasthan Ten Thousand Sq.Ft.
22.PrimeView Hotel Commercial Building Opp Jal Mahal Lake Palace, Jaipur Rajasthan Ten Thousand Sq.Ft.
23.Kumar Engineering Works Phase [B] Commercial Building at Kalina, Santacruz [East], Mumbai Two Lac Sq.Ft.
24.Smt. Kamala & Sri. Venkappa M. Agadi Charitable Trust at Laxmeshwar Karnataka State.Agadi Sunrise Hospital/Service Building/Venkateshwar Temple.
25.Shopping Mall Cum Residential Building at Jaipur Joint Venturewith M/s. PersianCarpet.
26.Haji Rafat House at Jaipur Rajasthan.
27.In-house Residential Building at Vakola, Santacruz [East], Mumbai.
28.Air view Residential Building at Vakola, Santacruz [East], Mumbai.
29.The National Highway Project to Connect Various Cities of India.
30.Widening & Strengthening of Sikar-Jhunjhunu Loharu Road Rajasthan.
31.Improvement of Riding Quality of Pavement from 338 Km to 335 Km on Jaipur Bikaner Road Rajasthan.
32.Up gradation of Road from Widening of Road from 5.5 Mtrs to Carpet in Full Width 1 no. Causes Way on Sikar Rajasthan.
33.Milap Residential Building at Santacruz [East], Mumbai Thirty Thousand Sq.Ft.
34.Star City Residential Building at Naigaon [East], Forty Five Thousand Sq.Ft.
35.Pearl Residential Building at Parsi Colony, Dadar[East], Fifty Seven Thousand Sq.Ft.
36.Crystal House Residential Building at Kalina Village, Santacruz[East], Mumbai Fifteen Thousand Sq.Ft.
37.Kamala Heights Residential Building at Khar [West] Mumbai renovate Work.
38.Barudgaran Masjid At Nawalgarh District Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan Twenty thousand Sq.Ft.
39.Dolphin Residential Building at Outpost Kalina, Santacruz [East]. Mumbai Twenty Five Thousand Sq.Ft.